Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Where I found my wedding inspiration

Whilst planning a wedding you have many decisions to make and inspiration for a magical wedding doesn't always come naturally when you've had a shit day at work and don't have the cash to fund your Pinterest wedding in the Seychelles. It's also a time full of hard decisions due to the pressure behind those decisions to make the most Instagram worthy wedding going (shallow but true)  Here's where I found a lot of my inspo...

You can filter the real weddings tab to see other couples weddings which may have the same colour scheme, location, style as what you guys may like! A lot of the blogs also have wedding videos which are always lush to watch! I also love their DIY & Tutorials tabs 
2. Whismical Weddings blog
What I liked about this blog was it has a "budget" section, not all of us are millionaires so it's nice to see evidence of couples that have made things or have got certain aspects of their wedding on a budget!
3. Pinterest
If you haven't heard of Pinterest, I'm not sure we can be friends. Pinterest sends you notifications when something new has been posted in the topic you've selected that you view most regularly. Don't get tooooo carried away with how wonderful and American the weddings are in most of these photos, they've also been photographed largely by professional photographers so don't be disheartened if your wedding doesn't look like Kate Middleton's... watch this if you fancy a giggle, it represents my Pinterest creations accurately! but back to the point, use this site to find colour theme inspo!
4. Instagram hashtags
I would often get an idea but want to see it in practice, so by typing in things like "#rusticwedding #doughnuttower #weddingdecor #bridetobe" it would take you to lots of fabulous pages and hopefully find you some bride to be's or brides who have done something similar that you can take inspiration from. It's also a nice way to make friends with people who are going through the same process and give you a chance to ask them for advice! Another great tip is to follow Photographers who's style you like the look of, as most photographers will have a certain theme and attend weddings that fit their theme, again seeing real life weddings and hoping they've tagged in the couple so you can give their page a stalk!

5. So you're getting married blog
This is such a visually pleasing blog! I like that they have such a gorgeous instagram page also, and their honeymoon section is very inspiring! Like the RMW and Whismical Weddings blogs they also have a real weddings section. I think it's best to view these types of blogs because you can see couples who have actually had a wedding and it's real life inspiration that is achievable

I hope this helps and good luck!

Love, Rey x
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