Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Happiness challenge

Something a little different this morning and something that seems to be a common theme over social media and to my own self recently - Happiness. I've been doing a happiness challenge, which I found on Pinterest the other week, in a nut shell it's 20 things you do over a 20 day period which is supposed to bring a little piece of happiness each day.

Here is what my challenge consists of for those of you asking:

Day 1 - Go to bed an hour earlier
Day 2 - Journal 10 things you are grateful for
Day 3 - Take a walk outdoors
Day 4 - Call someone that you love
Day 5 - De clutter your desk or your room
Day 6 - Take a social media sabbatical
Day 7 - Write down your short term goals
Day 8 - Make the most epic creative salad
Day 9 - Watch the sunset
Day 10 - Get rid of 5 things you no longer use/need
Day 11 - Eat lunch outdoors
Day 12 - Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
Day 13 - Send an encouraging text to 5 people
Day 14 - Wake up 30 minutes earlier to reflect
Day 15 - Plan a lunch or dinner date with a friend
Day 16 - Go the entire day without complaining or moaning
Day 17 - Buy yourself some flowers
Day 18 - Make time for a wholesome breakfast
Day 19 - Do one thing you've been putting off
Day 20 - Cook with someone you love

Some of the "challenges" may seem a little odd, and some of you may think "how on earth will eating lunch outdoors make me a happier person today?" but that's just it - finding happiness in the simplest of things, is the easiest and most effective. We don't always need to have the fastest car or the most expensive jacket to find happiness. I loved the idea of this challenge as well because you are the one carrying out the task each day therefore being responsible for your own happiness.

I'm doing this "challenge" because towards the end of last year I was in a very difficult place, and I felt so guilty and cross with myself for not being happy when, on paper, I have so much to be happy for. But after marrying my Toddy & taking a long hard look at life, I realised as much as others can contribute to my happiness, ultimately I am the one who allows that happiness in and I've chosen to embrace it. After all, isn't it better to do something positive and potentially influence others than be a negative Nigel? (no offence Nigel!)

Love, Rey x
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