Thursday, 25 January 2018

Declutter your wardrobes

So once a year I do a mammoth clearing out, they say if you're constantly clearing out and de cluttering, you're not tidying properly and you don't own things that truly make you happy.

I am a FIRM believer in tidy space, tidy mind. I cannot focus and deal with things if my surroundings are a shit tip (No I don't actually have OCD don't worry)

I read "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying" you can buy it here . This book really did change my life at home. It seems ridiculous but there was so many parts in this book where I said to my self "Oh my life, that's so true" and had a lot of realisations whilst reading this, for example - Have you ever been taught how to tidy and clean? I haven't... you just kind of pick it up from your parents and others don't you? Anyway, this book teaches you HOW to declutter, discard and organise, in order for you to have a tidy home, IF you follow the process correctly.

I'm only going to talk about clothes in this blog post, there are many categories that the book teaches you about, but our number one issue in our home is clothes. We have a dressing room and an 8 chest of draws yet we still have clothes in bags, baskets, on the floor, in the machine etc and having not followed the process properly the first time around, or should I say, sticking to it - I decided it was time to sort it out.

SO here are the steps I follow:
1. Drag EVERY SINGLE item of clothing you own, that includes underwear, scarfs, hats, anything clothing related, and put it all in one space.
2. Catergorise them into piles, my piles are : jumpers, hoodies, jeans/trousers, tops, dresses, pjs, underwear, scarves and hats, gym gear, cardigans, work clothes and skirts/shorts
3. Physically touch (I know this sounds weird, just hang on) every item of clothing and think about the feeling you get, Marie Kondo describes it as "Sparking Joy" discard if :
  • You haven't worn this item in a year
  • You don't plan on wearing it but it was too expensive to throw out
  • It doesn't fit, but oh it might in a years time - no, get rid!
  • You don't feel anything for it, when you touch the item
  • You feel bad to throw it out because it holds sentimental value, but you know you won't wear it

Now can we just look at the first photo on this blog post, and compare it to the photo above this text... That is what I'm left with minus clothes that I hang in my wardrobe... can we believe this?!

The next stage is how you fold your clothes, I don't iron and with the way I fold my clothes (which so many people take the Michael out of me for doing) I don't actually need to. Your clothes crease and smell if you pile them up on top of each other and fold them incorrectly. The weight of piling clothes on top of each other creases your clothes. (The "piles" in the photo above, get turned on their side and put in my draw, that was just to show what I narrowed it down to)


Fold in half, lay flat, smooth out creases

Fold from bottom to top, in half

Fold into thirds


If you've folded it properly, you should be able to let go of the clothing and it'll stand by itself.

This is the part where I don't quite follow Marie Kondo's method. You are supposed to hang your clothes with the lightest and smallest items ending up on the right hand side. It's supposedly appealing to the eye. I, instead, colour coordinate my wardrobe, it appears easier for me, for when I'm looking for an item of clothing, I know what colour it is and then can go to just one section of the wardrobe.

I do however, make sure that the lighter clothing is always on the right, and I agree, it is more appealing to the eye.

One last thing, don't let family or friends over whilst you're doing this process, and think "oh i'll keep that for my mum she will like this" because it's still in your space and still taking up precious wardrobe space. Just get rid all together. If you want to make some money for those items you didn't want to sell, put them on eBay with a short listing get them gone. The rest, take it all to charity!

This is how, when you've folded all your clothes properly, it'll look in your draws. Much easier to simply pick out what you need, because you can see it! Rather than pulling out piles and dragging clothes off of each other because the top you wanted was underneath 6 others!

I hope you've found this inspiring and not totally boring!!!

Love, Rey x


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