Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How I plan to beat the January blues

Okay to be honest I haven't quite figured that one out yet, so my advice may not make a scrap of difference, but here is what I will be living by for the next four weeks, to see if it does.

They say it takes three weeks to build a habit and four to break one. Which is fair enough, whenever I go to Slimming World or Zumba for a month straight I find it easy to commit to, but any less I'm rubbish at sticking with it.

I want to re join slimming world. Not to loose lots of weight, I'm happy-ish with my size, it's the way I feel, that I want to join for. I always find when I'm sticking to Slimming World, I feel ten times more awake, energised and happy. I'm fed up of feeling so sluggish with not really doing an awful lot over Christmas, other than eating sugary and beige based foods. It also makes me feel a million times better when I am meal planning, shopping to a plan and therefore saving money and having fully stocked cupboards to make the delicious, from scratch meals

I'm going to try and get a better quality nights sleep. The dog is going back to his bean bag which means he won't wake me up by kicking me in the face a thousand times a night and so on. I'm going to buy a black out blind for our sky light window and I'm going to invest in some silk sheets (I've heard this makes for a really comfy sleep!)

Self care
Wow, I have seriously let myself go, I don't know about yours, but our lives are SO fast pace - ever since the wedding it's been all units go, I thought life would slow down but nope! So when I lived at home about 8 years ago, I had "Tan Thursday" nights, basically a night where I would pamper myself to the high heavens - teeth whitening, pedicure, manicure, bath/hair wash, tan, tint and wax my brows etc! I know all of that wouldn't be realistic for me to do of an evening now, but a bit of tan and having fresh eyebrows every other week doesn't take two seconds, and makes me feel SO much more human! Tonight I am sticking on a face mask, having a soak in the tub & doing my brows! This is going to be a weekly thing, I deserve it!

I have somehow turned into a bit of a negative Nigel, I'm really not sure how, why or when, but this year I am going to work on being a more positive person. I think this one will be more difficult for me because it's hard to be permanently positive... But we shall see how it goes hey!

I think ever since I was about 10 this has been one of my new years resolutions. I am armed and ready with my hydratem8 and I am going to drink two bottles a day, of water. I am terrible for keeping hydrated!With my job mainly being computer based and driving so early in the pitch black every morning, my eyes are constantly heavy and I always feel like I have a tension headache, so keeping hydrated should definitely help this - I think this one will have to be a forced habit for 21 days and lets hope it sticks this year haha!

So a few months back, probably before the wedding actually, I had my bloods done at the GP and that resulted in me being low on iron, on the verge of having an iron deficiency. I'm sort of a half veggie, I eat chicken and occasionally a bit of chorizo but I don't like red meats - they hurt my belly so it's hard to get a good source of iron and I don't enjoy bacon or sausages, so yeah just fish and chicken mainly. Anyway, I was supposed to take supplements to help this, and whilst in boots checking out the different iron supplements it dawned on me that although I eat a balanced diet etc, I don't actually take any vitamins, so I bought a few different types and they've been in the cupboard ever since, so I'm going to take those daily, they're locked in my office draw so I can't pretend I've left them at home!

Anyway - that's my plan, to do the above and hope for a better version of me time February comes. I am in no way shape or form a fitness coach, food or well being professional, if you are going to take any vitamins make sure you consult with your GP first!

I hope this has been a bit inspiring, happy new year!

Love, Rey x

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