Friday, 12 January 2018

Guilt free chicken curry

Chinese fakeaway chicken curry

*28g of this curry powder is 4syns, I use 56g which makes two big dinners and two lunches, making this dish 2syns per dinner. In these pictures I have used lidl microwave rice for 2syns, but to make it low syn value you could just use wholemeal rice for free*

2x green peppers
1x white onion
56g mayflower curry powder
2x lidl microwaveable rice or wholemeal rice
3x chicken breasts
1/2x jug of frozen peas
200ml of cold water
8x button mushrooms (optional)

- fry light
- mange tout or mushrooms
- salt and pepper

*Here is what the box looks like, it's from B&M and you can also order it online. It costs £1, and don't be scared by it saying extra hot, I can barely handle a korma, but I'm obsessed with this!*

1. Get your rice on (if you are using microwaveable obviously just do that once everything else is pretty much cooked) Also at this stage if you want any other veg, get that on too! I use mangetout!
2. Chop up your veggies into squares, so peel back your onion layers and chop them so that you get the right look (chop them how you want I'm just pedantic) put in a jug, to the side
3. Add some fry light to a large pan, chop up your chicken breasts into chunks and fry for 5-10 minutes so that they are almost done
4. To a saucepan, add your curry powder and cold water, keep stirring until it thickens enough for your sauce
5. Add your veggies to the nearly cooked chicken and turn down the heat
6. Once your veggies and chicken are done, pour the sauce mix over the top
7. Serve and enjoy!


Love, Rey x

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