Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Our engagement photo shoot

So we already knew who we wanted to photograph our Wedding - Jen Marino. To be blunt, she is the dogs b******s and her photos are unreal. I love how natural and earthy her photos look & I felt her style really reflected the kind of wedding we envision ourselves to have. I have been following Jen's blog " Jen Marino Photography " for quite a few months before even getting engaged. I discovered Jen through Todd's  Mum, who works with Jen's Mum. Thank the lord ay?!

I messaged Jen, firstly a few days after getting engaged, because she absolutely had to be our wedding photographer - the entire process was so smooth and she made me feel at ease and it was like talking to a friend - she's lovely! 

Anyway,I asked if we could have an engagement shoot, which is recommended by lots of wedding planning blogs online, to break the ice and get a feel for being photographed - I would 100% recommend doing this, just in case, actually you don't end up liking the type of photos that come out of it!

The Location
For as long as I can remember, Little Wittenham walk's have always been apart of my life, my step Dad managed the woods in the surrounding area, and it just feels like home to me. Since we've had Gibson (God, i'm such a dog mum!) Todd & I have walked Gibson around Neptune woods (Which is also a lovely weekend walk) but I wanted to choose somewhere with beautiful trees & surroundings that would make good pictures! Alas, we decided on Days Lock which is a Lock between Long Wittenham & Dorchester. 

The Outfits
We didn't particularly want to dress up for this, we wanted it to be as natural as possible and reflect Todd & I in our every day life. So we opted for our comfies.
I wore Kurt Geiger black chelsea boots, Topshop joni jeans (if you don't own a pair go get some!), a grey New Look bardot top, ASOS thick black buckle belt & over sized long scarf in multi chevron grey. I have no idea where the cardigan is from , I borrowed it from Todd's oh so trendy Mum!
Todd wore, ASOS chunky knit cardigan in khaki (the most comfiest thing), a light Grey ASOS basics muscle top, Topman black skinny stretch jeans & his beloved burgundy Kickers (which add a bit of height to him LOL)

Our shoot was on the 29th October, a cloudy drizzly morning, also my BIRTHDAY! The reasoning for this was I thought I'd treat myself to a curly blow dry - HA, so glad I didn't, my hair is naturally the most frizziest curly state in the world, so after straightening it and feeling those first drops of rain, I knew "natural photo shoot" would be an understatement. But never the less, it was a perfect Autumn day, the colours of the leaves were gorgeous, I don't think our photos would have looked so perfect without them

Of course, Gibson came along, he is as you can probably tell a massive chunk of our life together so he had to be included. If you are going to bring your pets along, i'd recommend having someone take them off for a few minutes so you can get some good snaps - unless your dog isn't like mine and doesn't have withdrawal symptoms if he can't see you, then do what ya want!

I'll stop rambling now, here are a few more pictures

Love, Rey x
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