Monday, 29 January 2018

My Henfest

Oh my life - my home hen was INSANE. I knew I wanted to have a home hen, to celebrate with my girls that couldn't make Ibiza, and also for family members - as they were not aloud to Ibiza! I'm a super control freak so I planned it, styled it etc but my sneaky girls had a lot of surprises in store for me and made me one happy hen on my day! Todd, not so much. It was two weeks before the wedding, I know, I'm mad... but my mum had got home from DC and I had to have my family there so this was the only time we could do it.

I swear to you, this took more planning than the bloody wedding, but it was totally worth it - the day was amazing.

Loraine's back garden! She's got a really long lovely garden with LOADS of flowers. Todd's parents put canes in the garden and hung fairy lights off them and through the trees - it looked gorgeous!

Festival! I wanted a boho, festival type of hen do, it was a no brainer for me! Jesus, there was glitter EVERYWHERE

Floral, bohemian!

BBQ, oh my it was lush! We did a huge Tesco shop and raided the local butchers. Everyone chipped in and help to make dishes so that was lovely. My girls also made me the nicest doughnut tower! The bridesmaids had also sneakily hired in a huge sweet cart with all my favourite sweets in little jars, so the girls could nibble all day! Oh, they also got me a flamingo pinata but I didn't have the heart to break it, it's still in Loraine's craft room haha!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but we had loads of flowers, a pimp your prosecco station, drinks in buckets!

Loraine & I made a back drop which was super easy to do, we went to the local fabric shop in Abingdon and just got masses of lace and ribbon, we then tied them onto a bamboo pole which we put a sheet of muslin behind and voila!

"Chalk boards" were actually roof tiles of slate that had fallen off at Loraine's work, I bought a chalk pen from amazon and tried to make some fancy signs!

Lauren, one of my bridesmaids, bought loads of hay bales for us to sit on, this obviously made it super festival!

We also had a snapchat filter, which you can buy here on Etsy and also on Etsy, we got a Instagram frame, because I love Insta!!

36 of closest friends and family - I'm very lucky to have such a gorgeous bunch!


Here's a link to the BOOHOO dress I wore
Here's a link to the shoes I wore - well I had the un studded version from new look!


I didn't want to do traditional games, so I decided on:

  • Ring hunt! Lets face it who doesn't love a bit of healthy competition, the girls got into teams of 5 and whoever collected the most rings hidden around the garden won a bottle of prosecco and shots for each team member
  • Flower crow competition! My mum & I tirelessly made headbands from florist wire and Loraine (Todd's mum) collected LOADS of artificial flowers and also bought some fresh, we made flower crowns and whoever made the prettiest won a bottle of wine, there was three winners!
  • Mr & Mrs, oh this was so gorgeous, two of my bridesmaids filmed Todd answering a list of questions, we played it on a laptop in front of all the girls (and family stupidly thanks to some of the questions) and if I guessed Todd's answer correctly, I nominated some of the hens to take a shot, if I got it wrong I had to drink


Let's quickly brush over this bit yeah? I had a stripper, I was f**king terrified, let alone mortified because my brother, mother and mother in law to be was stood right behind me. I was so drunk and saw a bloke at the end of the garden (it's quite a distance) I thought "What is Todd doing here, he's meant to be at his stag, maybe they've come home early?" Oh no, it wasn't Todd!! This bloke in a suit came walking towards me, everyone was wetting themselves, I didn't know to be sick or laugh aswell, 50 shades of grey started playing and before I knew it, I was blind folded and fiddling with a banana and baby lotion. NORTY bridesmaids! But it made everyone's day and it was hilarious, so I love them really!

Are you still with me? Sorry there's just so much to say! I'll finish off with saying a huge thankyou to my girls for celebrating with me, my bridesmaids for putting up with me and for pulling off the best party ever and finally my family for hosting/spending money and time to make sure I had a perfect day!

And if you didn't quite feel like you were there celebrating with us yet, here's a few videos! My Dani J surprised me with a gorgeous video, which made us all so emotional

P.s ^^ wtf is that face? Blimey...

Love, Rey x


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