Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Todd's 28th Birthday

I do really feel for those of you with a birthday among the festive period! Especially my Toddy being a new years day baby. I mean I guess it's great that most of your friends are up for having a drink the night before to celebrate, but let's face it -they're celebrating NYE!

Traditionally, the Willis' have a annual get together on New Years day to celebrate Todd's birthday and it's also a nice way to get together if we haven't managed to see everyone yet over Christmas.

This year was supposed to be a magical one for Toddy, or that's what I thought, but being typically me I cannot keep a surprise to myself nor keep a secret when it's so exciting.

Todd and I live life the way we enjoy, sometimes it's hard sometimes it's great - this year has been hard financially. Living life the way we want isn't always cheap, three years ago we bought our first home, we did a tour of america (NY, Vegas & LA) and then again (NY & DC!), we went on girls and lads holidays, stag and hen holidays, city breaks, bought a Frenchie (they ain't cheap Jesus!) and we got married. Todd is SO hardworking, ask any of his family or friends, he's constantly doing things for others because he's such a decent bloke, I really have hit the jack pot with him. So from my mini print business, I had been saving and saving (secretly) and booked us a week away in the sun. Well that went tits up, due to my car breaking down and being underpaid a week before Christmas, I was so worried I would end up missing a payment, January, pay wise, is a long month after all. I had already paid half of the total cost so I really didn't want to sell or loose the holiday!

I told him all about it, which upset me so much as I had planned on surprising him with a Greek themed party this year, I had all the decs saved to my eBay basket and was pinning Greek party food galore on Pinterest. Luckily Todd was able to help and alas, we are going to Mykonos in June! Thomas cook have great deals at the mo, check them out!

I've totally lost my train of thought here...

Party! We had 16 of our nearest and dearest over to celebrate our Todd turning 28, we had buffet food probably to feed 160, a lot of it homemade (give me a shout if you asked me for a recipe on Instagram I'll do a blog post on them!) and a lot trusty Iceland frozen food.

We ate, drank, sang, played games, took photos, laughed and enjoyed each others company... And really, isn't that all that matters?

Love, Rey x

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