Thursday, 15 February 2018

Spend Valentine's day with the Willis'

We decided on an intimate Valentine's day this year. We usually do, but after going out last year for dinner, and not particularly enjoying it, we felt our next Valentines should be in the comfort of our own home.

I really do love Valentine's Day. There's something extra special about dedicating a day to make your loved one feel, extra loved. But I don't think that extravagant gifts are required, not for us anyway! Hey, if you have the money, crack on! But a bunch of blooms & a lovely card is enough for me... Oh and chocolates/alcohol must be included, somewhere!

After writing a blog post a week or so ago, about a gift guide for men, Todd told me not to dare buy him anything. We are saving for some important things currently and so we decided quality time together was the richest thing we could do.

We are huge foodies, so we opted for a three course homemade meal, I even bloody made my own onion rings! Todd wanted to take charge of the steak and I did the rest.

Our menu was...

Starter: Grilled abergavenny goats cheese, with honey on top, on a bed of wild rocket and balsamic glaze. 
Main: Steak with roasted garlic heart potatoes, homemade onion rings and veg
Pudding: Chocolate fudge cake with fresh strawberries and more chocolate for afterwards! 

I had minute steak whilst Todd had a humongous one! We like our steak quite different, he had mushrooms and peppercorn sauce and I had vine tomatoes and garlic butter. Have you ever tried to cut heart shapes out of a bloody potato? It's SO hard!!

Pudding really riled me up. I had bought a packet mix, you know the ones where you literally can't go wrong, I rushed it after work before he got home, put the extra added ingrediants the instructions asked for and when I took it out of the oven it looked a big lardy mess! There was butter streaks through it and it hadn't like, cooked haha! So I threw it in the sink and told Todd to pick up some type of cake for pudding.

I decorated the table, rose petals, candles, we had our favourite blues music playing in the background - all so very romantic! Pulling out ALL of the stops. Our crockery and glass ware, are all Saino's! I find they are such good quality and look very elegant.

 I say it was romantic, but I had a little beady eyed Valentine awaiting his steak too! We finished our wine and dinner, retreated to the sofa and spent the evening just chilling out. It was lovely.

Todd bought me the sweetest card, it was like a lazer cut of a willow tree and a bridge, when you open the card a tree opens out, a bridge with two people holding hands and a lake beneath - he said it was exactly like our wedding day and where our wedding photos were taken. Me on the other hand, got him a peaky blinders card, oops. I nipped out on my lunch break and got him a romantic "husband" card with two people walking along an embankment - which we did on our honey moon in Paris, along the river Seine.

Todd bought me some gorgeous tulips and paid for the food shop to be able to do the above. I got him some chocolate and hopefully a lovely relaxing evening.

Cheers to our first Valentine's as Mr & Mrs Willis, we hope you and yours had a lovely one too! 

Love, Rey x

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