Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Valentines gift guide for men

Why are men so hard to buy for? I literally get stressed just thinking about it. I don't know about your blokes, but Todd loves to have lots of little gifts - he's like it at Christmas and on birthdays. I remember when it was our first Christmas together and he said "I'd prefer lots of little small things as aposed to one big present, it's more fun to open and takes longer".

And so, I always like to make little hampers or gift boxes up for him for the special occasions throughout the year, and fill it with his favourite things. It's all about presentation! I also think this shows them that you pay attention to the things they love and use. Lastly, I am such a "nice card" kind of person. I always get a moon pig card so I can add some nice photos and personalise it.

I'll do a post after Valentines, to show you exactly what I did get him incase for any miracle he stops to read this blog post today. Unlikely.

I always have in mind a few things to help me decide what to purchase:
  • Something funny
  • Something edible
  • Something usable
  • Something wearable
  • Something drinkable
  • Something for work
  • Something fancy 
  • Something I can't type down on my blog, my mum reads this!
This year is also our first Valentines as Mr & Mrs Willis so I'll probably throw in something soppy also.

Here are some ideas, incase like me, you get a bit stuck or can't be bothered to go physical shopping!

Something funny

Something useful, if you know you know.

Something wearable, undies are always a win!

Something edible, his favourite chocolates or sweets?

Something drinkable, his favourite beverage?

Something fancy, a day out together? an experience day? a cinema voucher? dinner voucher?

I hope that's given you some inspiration! Valentines day isn't all about the gifts though. It's spending quality time with the one you love! Put your phones away and focus on eachother.

Love, Rey x

P.S Some ideas below for those of you that like to really treat ya guy on Valentines!



Unknown said...

Yay xx

Yorkshirelibs said...

The mint shower gel 😂😂

Love it!

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