Monday, 19 March 2018

5 ways to spruce up your home for Spring

I totally know when Spring is approaching. Yes, I have a calendar and it's known facts that the seasons change, BUT, I absolutely get a case of the Spring cleaning bug.

There's something about Spring that makes me want to add splashes of pastel colours into my home, open the windows wide and let the fresh air in and have a bloody good clear out.

I do think that your home should reflect the season, just like the way the blooms do. You have Crimbo decorations and fluffy objects around for Winter, Halloween and splashes of orange during Autumn, so why not spruce up your home for Spring?

5 ways that I bring Spring into our home, are as follows:

Colour in textiles
This is the easiest part, by simply switching up items such as cushions, bed sets, throws and towels to softer pastel tones, you can completely transform a room. I have seasonal cushions (I have a bloody lot of cushions actually, it's one of my problems!) I am so not brave when it comes to colour, and so I think Spring colours being such a subtle tone really fits with my interior style.

Spring quite literally for me, means blooms. All my favourite blooms come back to life during this season. Peonies, Tulips, Bluebells, Sweet Pea and Ranunculus oh the list goes on. You can buy Tulips from Aldi for £2, there's no excuse for not showing off those beautiful blooms weekly. I personally love flowers and buy a fresh bunch fortnightly, if not weekly, because they make me feel so uplifted.

I'm talking zoflora, room spray, candles and diffusers. There are so many fresh linen and floral scents you can find out there that just smell, clean. Cleanliness goes hand in hand with Spring, in my opinion.

Create a bright and airy feel
This may be tough if you have a naturally dark home, or a dark colour scheme in regards to paint. But I think if you declutter and tidy in preparation, it'll naturally make your home feel more "airy"? The natural light in this season helps anyway. I mean usually...

A clear out and good tidy
I've mentioned in a blog post before I use the KonMari method when having a clear out, it's the only thing that works for us. It's a method that only allows you to have items that "spark joy" in your home. The basic method I've explained in the blog post declutter your wardrobes, applies to your home. When clearing, catergorise into: textiles, ornaments, candles, photos, paperwork.

Shop my Spring home style below

Love, Rey x


Unknown said...

Ahhh wish my house was done so i could make it look pretty lol!! xx

He found Brick Tiles said...

You have a beautiful home and I love all your great ideas for spring Thank you for sharing.

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