Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A cold case of Spring organising

I don't know what it is about entering Spring, but I certainly get the Spring cleaning feels and when this season hits, EVERYTHING is getting a seeing to. I'm going to blog some hacks and tips this month during my mammoth clean, so stay tuned!

Some may say I have too much time on my hands, I say I need a straight forward life and a clean space to make daily living as simple as possible.

I started with the fridge. It gets the messiest the quickest and it's probably down to me checking it every half hour to see if something delicious has materialised since the last time I checked. I haven't gone to any extremes here and I didn't buy fancy labels to group food or anything like that. 

For £14 you can make your fridge more tidy, you'll need:
I grouped them into:
  • dairy
  • snacks
  • meat
  • salad
Take everything out of your fridge, clean your fridge, group foods together, put in "food bins"

I already have two draws in my fridge which I put fruit and veg in and then another draw for what I call proper veg which is usually carrots, green beans, broccoli etc... To the side of the fridge I keep any sauces and usually milk/squash. Then in the smaller compartments I keep lemons/garlic and ginger.

Next up, the pantry! (God help us all...)

Love, Rey x


Unknown said...

Great idea, i need to sort mine! We are hopefully getting an american fridge freezer once the renovation is complete and i'm sooo excited..very sad ahah!! what are all the silver food containers? sorry very nosy lol!! xx

Rey Willis said...

Oh sounds lovely!! Haha, that's all of Gibson's food! xx

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