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Come away with us to Weymouth 2017

So I've decided to retrospectively add our holidays to the blog.  I have so many fond memories of places we've been that I want to keep it here, in my little space for my own reading and for some advice for you guys, should you wish to visit anywhere we have been.

We went on a family, long weekend away, to Weymouth back in May. It was myself, Todd & Gibson, Jake (Todd's brother) & his partner Natalie and Todd's parents Loraine & Ian with Bronson (Gibson's brother!) Look at our boys, they enjoyed this break more than the adults!

We stayed in a log cabin at Warmell Lodge, a 10 minute drive from Weymouth Beach. We treated this as a chilled out weekend away, but Lieutenant Rey had an itinerary, haha poor Todd. It was such a peaceful location, loads of things to do for children by the way! They have an entertainment center, with bingo and other games, a crazy golf course (don't ever play with Todd, he will beat you every time!) a hungry horse type of restaurant, a bar, swimming pool and you can even do bloody Zumba in the pool there! There's a ski slope so you can do skiing and this weird thing we did in rubber dingys, Todd's mum wet herself, sorry Lou but I have to paint a picture here. It's a fisherman's dream too, the lakes are so calming and there's so much wildlife, we had ducklings and deer outside our lodge that were literally eating out of the palm of Todd's hands.

There's plenty to do in Weymouth as well, the beach front is dog friendly up to a certain point, but plenty big enough for your dogs to run a round off lead. Ours LOVED it! I however, didn't enjoy Gibson's sandy chops!  There are so many bakery's, quirky dog friendly cafes - our favourite was called "1652 coffee bar". There's a thousand fish and chip shops. The most amazing fudge kitchen called Roly's Fudge Pantry! For children, you can go crabbing all around the harbor and on the pier. Oh and go to "Boho Gelato", definition of delicious, I had a white chocolate and passionfruit geltao - it was dreamy!

The chips are utterly delicious, no chance of any gulls getting fed ^! On the beach there are donkey rides, trampolining and fun fair type of activities for children to do. We just missed the kite festival, which I'm told is a really good weekend to be in town.

And how could I forget, Fantasy Island! It's where all the two pence machines are, I say it's for children but so many adults go there, we must've spent two hours playing - we were easily addicted! Take plenty of change.

When you cross over the bridge by the harbor there are lovely little fisherman cottages and beautiful houses to see, they all have quirky sea related door knockers. There's also a big vintage warehouse where you can find lots of treasures! If you walk right to the end of the harbor, past the boating school there are some steps which take you up to Nothe Forte, a really pretty area and there's a museum here also.

We sat here for a while with Gibson, it was our 5 year anniversary the day we walked up here and so we just sat and sunbathed for a while. If you walk through all the beautiful gardens, there's another small pebbled beach and cliff side which is a really lovely walk. Such a good spot for crabbing and collecting special shells.

We spent a day at Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door on the Jurassic coastline. This was my favourite day by far. It was a bloody steep walk but the views were so beautiful. Definitely reached our 10k step a day! This was only about 15 minutes from our lodge and they also do a lot of filming in this area for TV shows. In the village there's THE best ice cream hut, it does so many flavours from bubblegum to pistachio! There's also a dog friendly pub/hotel I think it was called Lulworth lodge or something. But we had delicious burgers in there after our hike! P.s take comfy shoes and don't attempt on a hot day with dogs, luckily we had really pleasant calm weather.

So once you get to the top you can go down to the beach front by the Durdle door (It's the big limestone arch that is in the photo above) and sit and admire the views. You can also go round to the left where there are more stunning views and lots of interesting rocks where the sea used to break

This is my all time favourite photo ^, so peaceful sat here with my boys. If you walk past the icecream/pub area I mentioned earlier, there's another beach where, if I'm correct, is where the Ranges training ground is, our blokes just had to try and run up the hill. The dogs and I just watched we'd just climbed a gurt big mountain we weren't running anywhere!

Anyway, enough rambling from me! I hope you visit Weymouth for a short break away. It is lovely to have such amazing places on our doorstep! An English break certainly does wonders from the stress levels. I'll finish with a few more pictures, why not!?

Thankyou to the inlaws for arranging a really great trip away.

Love, Rey x

Oh, my boy, isn't he gorgeous. X

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