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Q&A get to know me with Jen Marino Photography

This post is in collaboration with Jen Marino Photography - 
Jen is simply everything I look for in a photographer and her work is incredible. All photos of me in this post, were taken by Jen.

Isn't it bizarre how much time we invest in people online without never really knowing much about them? I'm a curious person and I love it when others do Q&A posts, so I thought it would be fun to take part! P.S If you like Jen's work, please scroll to the bottom for a special gift.

What is my job?
I work for the NHS as a Senior Project Support Officer. I work within the Electronic Patient Records team and we aim to digitalise the trust.

Why did I start blogging & how often do I update my blog?
I've always loved to write things down, because my memory is terrible. I also love to read blogs and so it was just a natural progression. I don't give myself rules, I post when I want to post. As soon as I say "I'll post every Monday" I wouldn't stick to it. I don't like rules or deadlines haha!

What are your goals for your blog?
I'd love to do more collaborations and get into all things photography/fashion! I am also obsessed with interiors, so I'm probably going to add a lot of room makeovers in the near future.

Where do you live?
I live in a town called Didcot, in Oxfordshire.

Would you rather cut off all your fingers & blend them into a milshake which you'd have to drink OR cut off Gibson's paws & eat them medium rare?
Let's get this one out the way, thanks Mr & Mrs The Home That Made Me, for your delightful contribution. I'd cut off all my fingers and drink them in a milkshake. Ergh!!

What do I use to curl my hair?
I use the GHD soft curl curling wand. shop here for the exact one I use
tip: make sure you style your hair once you've washed & blow dried it so that it creates a mould and shape, it'll last longer!

What does Todd think about my use of social media?
I don't think he particularly has an opinion. I think like most couples, we get annoyed with how much the other one uses their phone. But he often messages me about how he likes the posts I write and how some things I do or post on my Instagram page gets such positive feedback. All in all, he doesn't mind at all, but we do have time in the evenings where our phones aren't in the room so that the time we spend together is, quality.

How do I edit my Instagram photos?
I use lightroom, VSCO & snapseed. I used to really over edit my photos with filters, now I try and use a subtle filter like HB1 and tone it down on VSCO and then edit the lighting, contrast and white tones in snapseed and lightroom. Another great app is A Color Story, for filters.

Was it hard to start blogging?
Totally. Trying to earn people's engagement is the most difficult thing to do. Setting up a blog and putting in content is the easy part. But if you are doing it more for engagement, it's hard. I don't mind if the engagement is there or not because I genuinely love to blog and will do it regardless.

How do I feel now that I'm married, when people ask when we are having children? Do you find it invasive and pressurising?
Hell yes I feel pressured. I think a lot of people, like myself, don't think before they speak. It's kind of a common question and a conversation starter, and really it is a harmless question, especially if you have children yourself. I personally hate it. It makes my belly sink a little inside each time. I think there are many more topics people could bring up instead, but for some reason it's always children. Before you ask it, just think - what if this person can't have children? what if they don't want them? what if they are struggling to conceive and you've just reminded them about it all over again ?

How did Todd propose?
On a summer's picnic at Boars Hill. You can read our engagement story here 

What would be my last meal on earth? Starter, main and dessert?
Cor this is a hard one, I'm such a foodie! Starter: Prezzo's pane con cipolla - I love garlic bread especially with caramalised onions and mozzarella. Main: my Mum & Jon's roast, with Jon's world class roasties, delish! Pudding - it would have to be some type of milkshake, we had an incredible one at Bun's Bar in NYC, it literally had all the trimmings, it's like 5 puddings in one, my mouth is watering now.

Do we want kids, if so how many?
Any, but 3 would be the dream. We would love to have a family. We both have a lot of love to give. I've always been a maternal person and studied child care. To be totally truthful we have tried, loads. But I don't think now is the right time for us, we have many stresses on our shoulders and have done for a long time, trying for a baby and not succeeding was only an added pressure and really made me upset when it happened so quickly for others, but never for us. I'll leave that one there. 

What does Todd do for a living?
He is a plumber! Gas & Heating engineer.

How do I manage my time on social media?
I don't. My job requires me to have my phone on my at all times, so if something pops up I do tend to see it instantly. At home, I don't use my phone much around Todd because otherwise we are just sitting in each other's company, scrolling, and I despise that. I tend to post much less on Instagram now, last year it got to a point where I felt as though I had to post, to be in with the crowd and be cool enough, and it was just getting on my nerves and making me fall out of love with the app!

Shop my look, by clicking the images below

How did I do my prints?
When I used to make prints as a side business. I would buy fonts off of Etsy and use programmes such as publisher to design them. I had an inkjet and laser printer, both cannon.

Where do I shop for clothes?
I actually don't like shopping in real life, I so prefer to online shop, as the physical shopping I do now is for homeware. My go to shops are H&M, Zara & Asos.

Where do I shop for makeup?
Boots, Superdrug and House of Fraser. I'm not a makeup snob, I don't always use high branded products. You can read what I use here

How did Todd & I meet?
He was always someone I knew, and thought was a bit of alright! We knew a lot of the same people and would often see eachother out and about, down the pub etc. No romantic story here! We just decided to be together and the rest is history!

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I hope you enjoyed this post!
Love, Rey x


Anonymous said...

I think your blog questions regarding children are really really important and the way you have responded is just amazing. You are totally right that people just expect to be able to ask that without upsetting the people they are asking. It’s a private matter that is for that couple, and your time will come when you two are good and ready. Plus you have Gibson and he might not want to share his mummy just yet lol�� ��

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart when people so flippantly ask me about having children. We've been married three years and now people even JOKE about it. We are going through a numerous amount of tests to get to the bottom of what the problem is. We need more honest ladies like yourself when it comes to these sorts of questions!! �� My new motto is dogs before sprogs now ����

Rey Willis said...

Haha, I love that motto. That's awful, I'm sorry to hear! I just don't think many people have had their eyes opened to how difficult it can actually be for some. You just don't have sex and fall pregnant immediatley, and if you do then amazing but I just don't think many people understand at all. I hope it happens for you xx

Rey Willis said...

Aw thank you. What a lovely message! I totally agree. Haha, that's very likely, he's the biggest mummies boy there ever was! xx

Unknown said...

I loved learning more about you!! I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with conceiving (god i don't even know how to put it without it sounding wrong) I hope that when your life is a little less stressful it will be your time!! much love xx

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