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The guest blogger series 1: Francesca, 1 Lavender Cottage

I've always been drawn to Fran's Instagram, I love the bright, airy, white vibe she has going on, with gorgeous pops of colour. Fran is so down to earth and always has me giggling when she slides into my dm's! It always feels like Spring when I scroll through her page and she provides loads of inspiration, you're going to love her! (and Luther!!)

What's your name and what's your Instagram handle?
I'm Francesca and my Instagram handle is @1lavendercottage

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm 27 and recently married, to my husband, Sean. We've been together for over 6 years now! We have an English bulldog called Luther and we live in a pretty village in Northamptonshire. I'm a primary school teacher and for some reason I am cursed with children having diarrhoea in class!

How long have you been Blogging/Instagramming and what inspired you to start?
I haven't been blogging that long actually! I started blogging because I was proud of our home and the work we had done and I wanted to explain reasons, show progress and just enjoy where we live! Seeing other blogs such as Rey's & Sam's at @dove_cottage (#bloggoals) gives me more inspiration for where I can take mine! I decided to start an Instagram because it was my new year's resolution to keep the house neat and tidy... so far I've managed to keep it relatively tidy!

Who inspires you? Do they have Instagram handles?
Ooo good question! Queen of Instagram Charlotte over at @thehomethatmademe her work ethic and family life are fab! Reece from @littleedwardian_73 has the best style, you know when someone just knows how to put things together? Yeah well thats him, style God. Debbie from @debbies_house Lord, her house! Not only that but she is so down to earth with her account and gives tips and tricks to what she does! Emma from @lifethroughemseyes I've been following Emma for ages and I just love her. Everything is so genuine and funny. Her daughter Evie - ermahgad gorge.

Would you say your home has a theme? If so, how would you describe it?
I actually don't have a theme for our house! I like to keep things light and airy because I love buying accessories. My hallway is completely white on white, because I love the light bouncing around. I keep things fairy minimal. My sitting room is probably my biggest statement as every wall is dark with a palm print wallpaper above the picture rail. In theory, it sounds horrendous however it just works!

What is your favourite room in your home and why?
My favourite room would be my kitchen. We are lucky we have such a large space to mill around in. Eating is like my all time favourite hobby so it makes sense. We have three windows in there, which makes it beautifully bright and floor to ceiling cupboards because who doesn't love storage?!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
This is such a tricky question. I genuinely don't think I would live anywhere else, other than England. I'm lucky and I have traveled to lots of different countries (on holidays, I'm not a rucksack traveler!) But I much prefer the going away, making memories and coming back to your safe spot! Although... If you reaaaaaaaally pushed me... Antigua - the beaches are amazing!

Where do you generally shop for home related products?
Homesense. I mean, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I spend half my life in that shop. They just have absolutely everything! Things you don't need things you must have and everything else in between! Dunelm, Cox & Cox and Amara too!

Tell us something interesting about you, that we wouldn't find out from your socials?
Hmm, now you're making me think! I love reading these parts on people's blogs because they're always so interesting, but I reckon I've probably shared everything on Instagram! Fun fact, my elbow crunches when I stretch it... like if you imagine 5 people cracking ALL their fingers at once... that's the noise it makes.

Do you have a 5 year plan?
Babies! I have always been a maternal person, which is why I enjoy teaching so much. I would love to move to a house with a bigger garden, but I'm just being greedy! Basically, just to be as happy in 5 years time, as I am now. (this has to be my most favourite answer yet!)

What advice would you give to first time buyers?
If you haven't already, think about either house or location. That was the hardest part for Sean and I. We found the most gorgeous house, but for us, in the wrong location. Within a week, we'd found our current house in the perfect location! Once you've moved in, paint everywhere white! Then spend some time gazing through Instagram, Pinterest and magazines and see what you feel fits for you.

If you won £1m what would you do and buy with it?
I'd take all my friends and family on holiday! Then I'd buy a house. I would buy the dream house, but not one with like 15 rooms and 5 acres, because who can manage that?! Just one where Sean and I could live happily ever after... Then a couple of creme eggs too.

What is one thing you couldn't live without?
I'm so easy going and laid back, so I reckon it would be Sean, Luther and my family. Cliche but so very true.

What would be the theme tune to your life?
Oh my god, without sounding weird... I ALWAYS hum or whistle "how much is that doggy in the window" my sister and mum will vouch for that but that is NOT my life theme tune. It would be Stevie Wonder - As. 

Hit us with your best motto?
"What will be, will be"

Click the links below for Fran's socials:
Instagram: @1lavendercottage

We hope you enjoyed this post,
Love, Rey & Fran x


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