Wednesday, 16 May 2018

ASOS holiday haul and my go to holiday pieces

This isn't a sponsored post. I just thought I'd share my recent orders from ASOS only, after a few DM's on Instagram. We have an upcoming holiday to Mykonos, 22 days to go! I love ASOS because I feel like I'm shopping on multiple sites at once, as they stock so many different brands. I've listed below items I take on holiday every year and why. I hope this helps you, for when you have to do the big holiday clothes shop! I think it can be quite scary going for bold, patterned and colourful clothing, but it's always better to try, just in case you look totally fab in something that you wouldn't usually go for!

Patterns & Frills
When buying a bikini, I always go for patterns and frills, frills make your boobies appear bigger and patterns take the eye to the actual clothing as aposed to bobbly bits in between. They are also more fun styles and make me feel nicer than just wearing plain colours.

Black Swimsuits
Speaking of plain colours... I always go for black swimsuits, black is slimming and attracts the heat (that's my thoughts for a better tan ha!)

If you've had a day hitting the icecreams and all you can drink sex on the beaches, jumpsuits are your best friend! They hide a multitude of sins especially if you get one that grips in on your waist. You can also get gorgeous ones which are spacious and colourful and make you not worry about bloating when eating all that deliciousness at dinner

Throw ons
I always prepare for bloaty days, I suffer with extremely sore bloating so I love a good throw on piece of clothing such as smock dresses, which are cute and are floaty where you are bloaty

Midi Skirts
Midi skirts are a saviour for me, I'm quite short and I don't massively love getting the legs out, but midi skirts make me feel confident, they tuck in on your waist and fall perfectly, giving a little bit of leg still. I try and go with bold colours and patterns for midi skirts and pair with a plain coloured body or vest

Always take vests, like I said above, vests and bodies are great for when you want to wear skirts/trousers/shorts that are more bold and it's always nice to have a comfy tee to help when you're stuck for ideas on what to wear. I always take a couple, usually in white, grey & black.

Wedges & Flats
My Mum used to always moan at me for taking heels on holiday because I'd never wear them, even though I had my outfits all planned out prior. Wedges on the other hand, are a must for me now! I'm quite a short ass, so wedges are my go to shoe on holiday! Just like a trusty pair of brown leather flat sandals for roaming around during the day. Slip on flats are also perfect for beach days!

Big sunglasses
I don't like to wear makeup during the day on holiday so I always make sure I have a statement pair of sunglasses to make me feel fabulous

Buy bright colours to suit you, if you know you're going to tan gorgeously, make sure you take coloured pieces that'll make your tan pop and likewise if you know you are going to stay as pale as a ghost, try out a few colours before hand to suit your skin

Here are a few of my orders so far, I hope I love them all (Todd wishes I wouldn't!) The below images are shoppable affiliate links which take you directly to the item on ASOS.

Love, Rey x


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