Saturday, 28 July 2018


We made it baby! Into the second trimester now which is 14-27 weeks, so i'll split the updates into two blog posts.

Week 14 - Baby Willis is the size of a Brownie
Holiday made me a different person this week - funny, happy, bubbly! It was a really lovely week. We also got our results back from the hospital for the nuchal screening - we are in the low risk catergory, so have decided against any further testing. I've been constipated and getting water infections every other day so that's just been totally delightful!

"Baby W is now twisting and turning all the tiny joints in his/her body. Lanugo (tiny hairs) are now forming all over our little babe's body. Our baby's skin is still translucent at this stage and all the veins are visible. Little Willis can now, frown, grimace and squint."

Week 15 - Baby Willis is the size of a Moon Cake
Ok so this week I've been exhausted again... I've been having such strange dreams again also, like I actually might need therapy in a minute. Last night for example, I dreamt I was breastfeeding a new born baby elephant, like an actual elephant, what?! That's all I have to say about week 15.

"Our little one is now able to yawn, blink and rub their eyes! Our baby's hair line is forming and hair is starting to grow on little Willis' head. Eyelashes and eyebrows are even growing this week."

Week 16 - Baby Willis is the size of a Doughnut
Oh hello, I think I'm back?! I may well still be napping for an hour after work, or staying on the sofa to watch 5 solid episodes of Grey's, but I feel NORMAL! I say normal, I just mean less tired than the previous 15 weeks. I am however, emotional, like uncontrollably crying and then uncontrollable laughter at myself crying. I had a midwife appointment at the end of this week, where we heard our little babe's heartbeat for the first time, we caught it on video and it was just the best feeling. The old saying goes, if the heart beat is slow like a train, it's a boy, if it's fast like a race horse, it's a girl!

" The bones inside our baby's body are hardening and the arms and legs are completely formed. Even though his/her eyelids are closed, the eyes are making little movements and can sense changes in light."

Week 17 - Baby Willis is the size of a Belgian Waffle
Mum is home! It’s been so much more relaxing not having to cook or clean at all and just have a lovely environment and not feel like I have to do much! I’ve had ligament pain at night this week, which I had no idea was a pregnancy symptom, the two ligaments from your groin to your uterus contract as your uterus grows and it’s like cramp, that takes over your lower abdomen and back, I couldn’t move for about 15 minutes and it hurt so much it woke me, so I’ve been doing some exercises to release that! We are soon off to Cornwall, so I'm really looking forward to that!

"Fat formation begins this week, so the veins are no longer visable. Our baby can taste differences in flavor as the tastebuds have formed. Our baby is now the same size as it's placenta. Our baby would fit in the palm of our hand now, so about the size of a large orange. The brain is now communicating with the nervous system, hence women feel movement from now on!"

Week 18 - Baby Willis is the size of a Slice of Cake
Although lovely, Cornwall was hard - IT WAS SO HOT AND THERE WAS SO MUCH WALKING AND TIREDNESS! And umm... bogies and nose bleeds?! What. The. Hell...? Why doesn’t anyone tell you all this stuff!? Bogies and nose bleeds are very common in pregnancy, due to all the extra blood you’ve got, it makes the membranes in the nose swell and causes bleeds and extra boogers! Another stunning, not spoken about side effect hey! I felt lots of bubbles and pops just underneath my belly button this week, I'm hoping it was the baby and not just wind! I also got over excited at the World Cup and was jumping up and down, when I sat back down, I could've sworn the baby did a complete roll, it actually made me feel quite nauseous!

"Little Willis will grow 6 fold over the next month. Our baby is practicing breathing in the amniotic fluid and it's chest is moving in rhythm as if breathing air. Our baby can now hear what's going on outside the womb - so this is a great week to start talking to baby."

Week 19 - Baby Willis is the size of a Ice Cream Cone
I've been getting a bit of ligament pain again this week, but I did read that the baby will be growing 6 times over the next month, so I'm wondering if it's more growing pains! This week we test drove some buggys at mothercare which was a bit daunting! Heads up expectant mums - if you find an item that mothercare stock, cheaper in another store like John Lewis for example, Mothercare will price match it for you and give you a £10 voucher for their store - lovely jubbly! Only other thing to report is the eye watering cramp I get every night, I've started to eat a banana a day and have a warm bath right before bed, and the cramp hasn't been waking me up as much as it did previously - lots of people have suggested tonic water helps (gag)

"Our baby is now covered in vernix (a white protective coating) that protects the skin from damage in the womb. Our baby looks more like a baby now. Right now, Little Willis will be awake for 6 hours of the day."

Week 20 - Baby Willis is the size of a Pancake
We've bought the buggy! Well my Mum did, thankyou Mum! We went for the Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 there was an amazing deal on KiddiesKingdom for their July offer so we couldn't let it slip! We've cleared out the spare room this week which will be the nursey, ready to rip out the skirting, fill in holes and cracks, paint the walls and start getting things for our little babe! I've felt lots of movement this week, only first thing in the morning or when I'm in the bath but it's been lovely! Our 20 week scan went really well, it now feels so much more real that we are going to be having a baby! The difference between the 12 and 20 week scan is mental, the baby can't fit on the screen! I guess the only way to end this blog post is to tell you that Todd felt the baby kick 3 times on Thursday night and it was just perfect.

"The baby is now measured from the head to the heels, before the baby's measurement was based on he or she being curled up. Our baby will be developing regular sleep patterns now which I might feel! My placenta has reached its maximum thickness and is busy supplying our baby with all the oxygen and nutrients and disposing of waste."

Speak to you in a few months once we've reached the third trimester!

Love, Rey x 
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