Monday, 6 August 2018


*This post is sponsored by Hobby Craft UK & Alice's Accessories, who kindly gifted us decorations for our party*

We always knew we wanted to do something slightly unconventional regarding our baby shower and finding out the gender of Baby Willis. Gender reveal parties are very American, and slowly but surely becoming more popular in the UK. Although I find celebrating baby showers with friends lovely, they can sometimes be a bit samey! So we thought, let's put it all into one and find a place where we can celebrate and find out the gender of our baby with our loved ones.

Our party was held at The Fishes, in Botley - the perfect venue! They have a Tipi in the garden and I just knew with all this hot weather, it was the best place for us! They put on a delicious BBQ and pudding menu for us, and I can't wait to go back to try more of their food!

So everyone was unsure if we knew the gender before the party - we didn't! We tried to get a scan as close to the party as possible, so on the 27th July we had our anomaly scan with the NHS and our sonographer wrote down the gender of our baby on a piece of paper, cellotaped it up and gave it to Todd. Todd then put it in his wallet until we took it to Frog Orange, in Headington and bought one of their Gender Reveal balloons, this is the one we went for After that we gave them the piece of paper and picked the balloon back up on the Sunday, the morning of our party. We popped the balloon infront of our guests, so we all found out together!

The theme for the party was Yellow, White & Gold. I loved HobbyCraft's Ginger Ray "Oh Baby" range and knew it would fit in perfectly with our theme, along with other decorations. You can shop the range here

I wanted some personalised decorations and was extremely grateful when the lovely Alice from @alicesaccessories offered to help us with this! Alice creates gorgeous bespoke party ware and prints, check out her Etsy store -

Ofcourse our fabulous wedding photographer Jen had to be at our party, capturing all of our special moments and as always, she didn't dissappint with providing us with the most beautiful photos - Thankyou Jen! Check out Jen's pages for more photos: and @jenmarinophotography

So there we have it, in December we will have our very own Baby Boy and we are so extremely happy.

Thank you to our family & friends who helped us celebrate our Gender Reveal Baby Shower - we love you!

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Love, Rey x

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