Thursday, 11 October 2018


The living room, has never been quite right. With fast approaching maternity leave, I wanted to make sure that the one room, with most of our time spent in, was a calm and relaxing place to be. It's such an awkward shaped living room, it's not very big and it has a cove/cubby hole where the TV has to go, because all the electrics are situated there. We had to think hard about how to get the best out of the room and the most space without making it too crammed. I happened to turn the sofa round length ways whilst Todd was panelling months ago (panelling blog post) and loved how it looked and how easy it was to lay down and face the TV- trouble was we only had one large sofa and a small armchair, I'm all for symmetry so this was messing with me. And so, the new sofas, from the Ashford range at Next, were ordered.

Like anything, when you start one job or get one new piece for a room, it ALL needs doing. Like I said, we had panelled the back wall and painted the remaining walls "Shell" to add some warmth and Neptune style-y to the room. I loved all the current decor but felt it would look better in other areas of the room and just needed a general sprucing up! Below is a list of old and new items and photos of our new living room - which I'm trilled to bits with, but I've now got a panic on about where the Christmas tree is going go...

I'm under no impression that I won't want to change something else some day soon, I already know I'd like a rug and maybe make room for a coffee table one day, but with baby boy arriving in 8 little weeks, I cannot afford to waste precious savings on such things!

I've linked below where items are from (if I haven't it's because they are either out of stock, don't have a website or because I simply can't find a link for the item)

Ashford sofa shop here
Pom pom cushion shop here
Wall light shop here
Wicker heart shop here
Pink cushion covers - Tkmaxx

Wicker baskets shop here
Candle cloche's shop here
Pom pom throw shop here
Arch mirror shop here
Silver frames shop here
Candles shop here
Wallpaper shop here
Paint (colour matched by Helen) shop here
TV unit shop here
Roman blind - John Lewis (no longer available)
Faux flowers - Homesense

Although the "NEW" list has the most expensive item in it (the delicious sofa) I was pleasantly surprised at just how little we needed to make a room with already gorgeous products in it, a thousand times more visually pleasing.

Top tip - Lay out all your decorative items in front of you, see what colours work best together, decide what you want to keep, check the rest of your house - you may be surprised at what you already have and can work with to save you spending out on new things!

Love, Rey x
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