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This post is overdue! We have been married for more than a year now, so I thought it'd be nice to reflect on the wedding and a year of being Mrs Willis.

I've included our Wedding video at the bottom and you can read all about our wedding and see loads more photos over at the amazing Rock My Wedding by clicking here

A bit of background...
We got married at the most amazing venue called Ardington House, which is a Georgian manor with a temple island - we hit the jackpot with the weather it was totally stunning and this meant we got married outdoors - which was the dream! There's a beautiful lake surrounding the venue full of swans and ducks, and a rickety bridge that you walk across to get to the island, where there is a beautiful dome that we got married under. Oh I'm all emotional and want to re do this day now!

Our theme and colours: Like pretty much every wedding now, our theme was "Rustic" and our colour scheme was what I'd describe to be "Earthy"...? So a lot of green, nudes, whites and then of course being in such a gorgeous venue we added touches of gold. A lot of our materials were wooden / kraft to add to the rustic theme.

Our outfits: you got to look your best right? I'd fully take time on this part if you are planning a wedding. I tried on about 13 dresses before I picked something totally different, my dress was from Mae Bridal. My bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS from the TFNC range, which is great because let's face it we all know I LOVE ASOS and using someone's student discount is always a bonus! Todd's suit was made for him, which I love because there was so many little touches which were added in such as dates and words, likewise my dress was made totally different, so both of our outfits were one of a kind and no one else will have them. His groomsmen's outfits were from M&S. PLEASE PAY FOR A TAILOR TO FIT SUITS! It makes the worst suit look a million dollars if it fits correctly, it's well worth it I promise. Aylah & Harlem our flower girl and boy, had outfits from Next.

Our decor: handmade mostly! I did all the signage, table plans, table numbers etc. The more touches you add yourself the more amazing the feeling is when you stand back with your husband and just look at the hard work you put in. I must say, it was totally worth the hours, the stresses etc. Plus we saved so much money, I hate to think what we would've spent had we had someone making everything for us. If you read the blog at RMW you'll see loads more about the decor.

A year of being married...
So Todd and I have been together 6 and a half years now, lived together for 4 and have been married for over 1. Life, you could say, has been amazing for us as we fell pregnant and are now only a month and a half away from meeting our baby boy! Life has also been tough, since the wedding took all of our money and more, we landed in some debt, this meant our house move was put on hold and we've basically spent the year repaying and saving again to get back to positives (which I'm under no impression will stay that way once littlun is here!) And I know money doesn't mean everything, but Jesus that is a massive strain to any relationship (especially when you're married to a shopping addict, oops!) It's also been tough with numerous other aspects of life, and I've, let's just say, have had my own struggles.

I am no relationship guru, we have had our fair share of ups and downs, I've threatened to leave more than once during a hormonal rage, I moan and cause arguments over the dishwasher not being emptied, but I have learnt the most about our relationship during this year of being married. I think we have the perfect elements in our relationship, we love each other so fiercefully, we are so gross the amount of times we tell the other "I love you" throughout the day and we never stop talking.We are a great balance and he just gets me. It's so easy to let life go by and not talk, listen and appreciate the other - I think being pregnant has helped this part of our relationship because with Todd having a busy lifestyle, and working a full time job, plus the evenings, plus the weekends and having a life on top of that, it's so easy to neglect each other so we have really had to learn about ourselves as individuals and as a couple and learn the simplest things such as dedicating time for eachother!

This brings me on to my tips for "making it work"...
1. Share the load - manage expectations and don't just expect the other to do something for you because it's the norm, or because they do it the most

2. Appreciate - I can't even tell you how far a thank you goes, or a gesture to show appreciation, even if that's something as simple as having a bath ran for you, or breakfast made, or something done without asking. Be romantic! Never stop showing someone how important they are to you.

3. Listen and talk - Never stop asking how their day was, always be there to listen and to be "their person" I have NO understanding about how you re pipe a house, neither am I necessarily going to be much help when he needs to have a moan about a job going wrong, but when you're listened to and supported, you always feel more positive knowing someone has your back

4. Make time - Trust me, we must be one of the busiest couples going, NEVER miss date night, even if that date night is sofa, takeaway and a film. Quality time is so important!

5. Be your own person - so often in relationships people get too content with living FOR the other one and forgetting themselves, have hobbies and your own time and support the other for doing the same, this gives you something to bring to the dinner table for conversation and still gives you your independence. When we went on our honeymoon Todd read a book which gave him the motivation to fulfill a dream, and that gives him another aspect of happiness!

I've thoroughly enjoyed being Mrs Willis and can't wait to continue our journey together as Mr & Mrs and welcome our baby boy into the world.

Next blog post will be returning to gross and lighthearted topics such as constipation during pregnancy, I think this is enough soppyness until next year!

Here is a video of our day by the very talented, DSB Videography/Photography - you won't believe this was his first wedding! watch our wedding video here

Love, Rey x
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