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The idea is that I am going to give birth in a midwife led unit. I have packed littlun's bag for a potential two night stay. We live 10 minutes from the unit so should we need to stay longer, it isn't far for Todd to travel to pick up some more bits. I have tried to link products at the end of the blog post, incase you were wondering where items are from. Here is a link where you can download and print the checklist I made to help you pack.

First thing's first - the bag! Pacapod kindly got in touch and asked if we would like to be gifted one of their bags and I nearly bit their arm off at the opportunity. Being a total organisational freak I've always thought the Pacapod bag's would be the number 1 choice for us. The entire range they stock are super stylish and very clever. They are different to your usual changing bag being 3 in 1 systems. Inside are two nifty pods - one for feeding and one for changing, which are clearly labelled to help you pack more sufficiently. PLUS, you get a changing mat (so you definitely get your money's worth!) This really appealed to me, because there is nothing worse than rummaging around a bag trying to find the small stuff - being all packed away accordingly will make life SO much easier! There is also a small pouch on the outside which is where I can put my keys, small snacks or a dummy. I picked the Hartland leather in tan, backpack shop here


Reasons we chose the backpack:
  • You can be hands free and tend to your baby more easily
  • The weight of the bag is distributed across your back instead of one shoulder
  • Todd's input - he liked the idea of wearing a back pack himself
  • Pacapod have added a clip so it can also be clipped onto a pram
  • I like that it zips downwards for easy access 

The general items

Changing bag // Changing mat // Car seat // Baby notes // Muslin cloths // Blanket // Steralised bottles // Formula // Dummy // Sudocrem // Teddy // Nappies // Nappy sacks // Water wipes

Make sure your car seat is already installed and you've made sure it fits properly. If you are having a home birth you usually have your baby's notes already (the little red book). I am wanting to breastfeed, however you are now told to take ready made forumla and steralised bottles should you be in any position where you are unavailable to feed and your baby needs feeding (for example if you are in theatre or something!) I've packed two "just incase". I have packed two different types of dummy's, I don't want to use them but again "just incase". Water wipes, which are 99% water for that fresh sensitive skin, a pack of Aldi nappies (they are award winning and 85p for a pack of 24!) I have also packed nappy rash types of creams which were samples in my bounty packs, I don't think I will use them they are just another "just incase" item.


 Sleepsuits // Vests // Hat & mittens // Socks // Pram suit // Coming home outfit

I am having my baby in December so it'll be cold. I have packed him 4 various sizes of sleepsuits (newborn, up to 1 month and 0-3 month sizes) as I'm unsure how big he will be. I have packed 3x up to 1 month vests to go underneath. Tip - buy your sleepsuits from Next as the majority of theirs have built in mittens, where you fold the arms down, easier than mittens falling off every two minutes. I have packed a pram suit, which essentially is his going home outfit. Socks and mittens, which probably won't be used but another "just incase" item. A hat and a bib, 2x muslin cloths, joggers and a little cardigan to keep him warm. 

All of the above fits perfectly in the back pack! I hope this has helped if you are currently thinking about what to pack. Remember every pregnancy and birth is different, so this list might not be applicable to you. 

Love, Rey x
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