Saturday, 24 November 2018


The countdown is on baby! Two and a half weeks to go, so the bag (suitcase) has been packed!

Pack what you need to be made to feel comfortable, if you over pack (like me) - never mind! Every birth story is totally different - but if you've packed exactly what you want, you can't go far wrong.

I apparently think I'm going on holiday, oops! (In my mind I have packed my usual essentials and think this will last me for 3 days if necessary, I've also packed toiletries I wouldn't usually pack, but would prefer to be safe than sorry) I put everything I wanted to pack on the floor and Todd packed it all up - this way hopefully he will know exactly where everything is.

The general items

Change for the carpark & vending machines // Hospital notes // Car seat // Snacks // Camera, Phone & chargers // Headphones // Hot water bottle // Sports bottle // Yoga ball

Most hospitals won't let you leave without a car seat, you also need to have the base already in place, so worth keeping both in the car during the lead up to your due date. I am packing my phone and camera - people also choose to take laptops with films already downloaded, if they know they'll be in for a while. Take change (not notes) for car parks incase they don't accept card, it'll also come in handy for vending machines! Snacks, lot's of energy filled snacks mainly and glucose tablets - I've packed sweet treats and will also take fruit on the day. You need to pack your hospital notes with a copy of your birth plan and also if you have been given them already - your baby's notes. I am not taking my yoga ball because they have them there already but may be worth checking! Hot water bottle to ease my achey body and a sports bottle to help my bits out afterwards! 

Clothes and footwear

PJs // Nightie // Change of clothes // Going home outfit // Robe // Pack of pants + disposables // Bikini // Nursing bras // Socks // Slippers // Flipflops 

Apparently you get super hot when birthing, but I am taking fluffy socks and a robe for comfort reasons. I am taking a change of baggy clothes and a "going home" outfit. I am packing a black bikini because I'd quite like a water birth. PJs in case we need to stay over and nighties in hope I can breastfeed and button down easily. I bought a pack of black pants from Primark, but have also packed disposables. I'm taking my maternity leggins, for a bit of comfort and I have mainly dark/ plain clothes. 


Toiletry bag // Lip balm // Makeup // Hairbrush and bobbles // Dry shampoo // Mat pads // Breast pads // Nipple cream // Moisturiser // Hand sanitiser // Face wipes // Scent free deodorant // Perfume // Towel // Bag for dirties // Showergel // Toothbrush & paste // Perfume

This is a personal one as we all use different products. Scent free deodorant is apparently great for when you're breastfeeding - no harsh smells for baby. However, I have also packed perfume in case I feel gross. I did a boots haul and got all my mat/breast pads, creams and disposable pants. Makeup, in case we are in a while and have visitors. Lip balm is apparently essential for gas and air as it makes your lips dry. The rest is self explanatory, I'm mainly packing travel size toiletries as again, no idea if we will need to stay or not.

Hypnobirthing items

Essentail oils // Room spray // Battery led candles // Spotify playlist

I'm taking something to please each sense. For smell I have packed essential oil. For sight I packed battery led candles and will be dimming the lights to make the room relaxing and spa like. For sound I have created a playlist on Spotify which includes my positive affirmations. For touch I have packed my dressing gown as I basically live in it and it's such a comforter and will make me feel at home. For taste I have packed my favourite snacks.

And there you have it! Hopefully I've wrote everything down correctly - I haven't included what Todd is packing as he isn't packing a great deal other than a change of clothes, his phone and food. I work at the hospital so luckily have a parking permit, we don't live too far from the hospital either so should we need anything else, Todd can be home and back again in no time at all.

I've included some links below, if I haven't and you want to know where something is from just drop me a message over on Instagram!
Love, Rey x
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