Sunday, 23 December 2018

Baby C's first Christmas gifts

I couldn't help myself and wanted to order Carter some presents for Christmas. I know it's totally pointless, but the Black Friday sales got me so excited and he's my boy so how could I not?! Over the past 9 months I have bought masses of clothes, blankets and essentials already so the list below is minimal.

1. Backpack
Carter is going to the childminders from 8 months and I've always lusted over these mini backpacks from Cath Kidston, they're so ruddy cute! We got him this London street kids one. This will be used to pack his daily change of clothes, dummy & teddy bear. BF sale made this bag £13.50

2. Wooden Toys
I know my house will end up with dozens of plastic tatty toys which I will hate, so I'll have to buy the lovely wooden toys, again I love that both of these are personalised and colourful - see toys don't have to be tatty! We got the pull along caterpillar and the xylophone. Both items were 25% off so came in at £16.50 each

3. Toy Storage
This gift is probably more to visually please me! Cute storage is always a winner, there's no need for toys to be EVERYWHERE and always in sight. This personalised grey star storage bag was from "My 1st Years" and I got it for half price in the BF sale for £20.00

4. Jellycat Teddy
Lastly, I want to collect the Jellycat teddys for him, probably because I collected Beanie Babies when I was little! He already has Bartholomew the Bear , Puffles the Dino & The Bashful Bunny dummy holder so I thought I'd get him Peanut the Penguin to celebrate his first Christmas! Pray for me that Gibson doesn't think it's for him!

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Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours 

Love, Rey x

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