Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The award winning simba hybrid mattress review

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My best friends Dad once said to us "If you spend money on anything, it should be good shoes and a good mattress" - how true is that? You spend most of your life walking in shoes or laying on a mattress!

Simba asked if I wanted to work with them and I obviously bit their hand off, when you're pregnant you can only sleep on your left side due to blood circulation, when you're pregnant you also get worlds worst back ache and then when the baby comes out, your back aches for days - oh and even better when your baby weighs a hefty 17lbs4oz at 5 months, you still have back ache, so to say this mattress got into our bed at the right time would be an understatement!

They say you should replace your mattress every 7-10 years. We've had ours 11 so it has gone well past it's sell by date.

I heard about Simba on Instagram and via TV adverts and the reviews really do speak for themselves. They are the best on the market. I can vouch for that because I've tested it out and it's unbelievably comfortable

So what makes the Simba mattress so AMAZING?

  • 2500 conical pocket springs
  • Responsive memory foam (so so so good)
  • Free delivery (cheaper the better right!?)
  • 5 luxury layers to aid a dreamy nights sleep (see below photo from Simba)

So what's my review? Well being a new mum and having a baby that wakes once or twice a night, there's only so much good sleeping I can do right? But both mine and Todd's sleep has improved, massively. I like that when the mattress gets delivered, it's in a small box and you don't believe it's even in there, no hassle it unfolds perfectly onto your bed. We noticed an immediate change in comfort and just couldn't believe that we hadn't invested sooner.

Simba offer many other products such as duvets, pillows etc - which we are going to buy because if they are as comfortable as the mattress I think it'll definitely improve our sleep even more! 

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Rey x

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