Monday, 16 December 2019

#Ad TkMaxx Christmas gifting


My mother in law told me about TKMaxx when we moved into our first home 5 years ago, and ever since it's been my go to shop, for pretty much everything.

Gifting has never been easier, if you're in TKMaxx you're guaranteed to find a gift to suit anyone in store. TKMaxx is perfect for home interiors, candles, seasonal gifts, crafting, fashion, jewellery, garden and much more.

I went into my local store to finish off a bit of Christmas shopping, I challenged myself to spend only £50, just to prove how much I could get.


So what did I get? I found a gorgeous hard back book for my Carter's stocking filler "The Wind and the Willows", I bought my sister in law some stunning cocktail glasses to go with another gift I had bought her for Christmas, she's such a girly girl so these gold and pink glasses are going to be just perfect. I bought my Bestie a beautiful little bracelet, it has a moon and stars on it and she tells Carter she "Loves him to the moon and stars" how fitting? I also got Carter's great Nanny a gold photo frame (every single photo frame I own is from TKMaxx, I just love them!) to put Carter's nursery photo in - it'll look lovely on the mantel piece! I also bought her some hand cream - just something we get her every year and how can anyone not love the smell of rose? I bought a pack of Christmas cards with Frenchie’s on them for our friends and family and my work colleagues. I also got Carter some baubles for his advent and his Christmas tree, which are perfect as I was struggling to find material style baubles for kids anywhere! And lastly, some sparkly gold gift wrap and ribbon to make it all look even more beautiful!


So all of that for under £50! £48 to be exact. I think the  two things I love most about TKMaxx is, you can walk in store with absolutely no idea what you need or you could be stuck for a gift for someone and you can wonder around and search through the treasures and find exactly what you never knew you were looking for. The second thing I love, of course, price! TKMaxx price tags are usually 60% cheaper than branded retail price tags – big labels at small prices! The downside… (If any)? Is that nothing stays for long in TKMaxx, but I actually think it’s quite nice knowing you own things that not many other people do because everything is so unique!
I always have a positive experience (Todd not so much with me spending all the pennies) but it’s super easy with a baby in tow, the trolleys are baby friendly and there are also lifts so each floor is easily accessible – most stores I’ve been in usually have a few floors.
Gift different this Christmas and see what treasures you can find for yourself and your loved ones.


Rey x

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