Thursday, 12 November 2020

A lockdown Birthday 2020 style

Hey m'loves... it's been a while. I've so missed my little space on the internet but y'kno, lockdown and life balance has been crazy! Anyway... Carter has gone down for his afternoon nap so thought I'd take a bit of me time and write about his 2nd birthday (how sickening is that, SECOND birthday?!) 

I took to Instagram stories yesterday to ask you guys what you'd done or plan to do during lockdown birthdays, many of the responses were "can you share the responses" so here we go...

Currently the rules in the UK are that we are in a lockdown until 2nd December, you can go for a walk with one other person from a different household and take your child if they are under 5.

Go to the park


Treasure hunt at home / garden / woods

Hire soft play at home

Hire a bouncy castle

Go to the Garden Centre (they're still open!)

Living room sleepover / cinema night

Special food / an effort for each meal

Outdoor picnic 

Time slots for friends and family to drop off presents on the doorstep 


Video montage of friends and family wishing Happy Birthday

Visit a national trust / picnic and cake

Teddy bear tea party

Drop cake to childcare and hope they celebrate together

FaceTime from Disney impersonator 

Zoom party with pre delivered goodie bags to friends

Themed tea party for the household

Designated play room / assault course

Carter will be turning 2 in the second week of December SO there is a possibility that we may be out of lockdown, but the rumors don't look promising do they?! I had the loveliest response, which was going on a walk and taking a blanket for Carter to be able to sit on an open a present at each stop, where he could meet a friend or family member - this made my heart ache, such a lovely idea but it is still technically breaking the rules, unless, only Carter and I go and meet with one person at each stop - it's a lot of organising and faffing and as he is still so young and totally oblivious, so... I've kept it basic.

We are going to have a special tea party, just the three of us (four of us, sorry Gibbo) a car theme with Carter's favourite food. His birthday gifts are car theme also, it's his favourite word and favourite type of toys to play with "cahh cahh cahh!" 

I've asked all of his loved ones to send a short video clip wishing him a happy birthday, which I'll screen mirror to the TV for him to watch in the morning, then we will either play at the park or go to a Garden Centre to see all the Christmas lights. IF by a miracle, we get to be out of lockdown and things are open again, we are taking him to a trampoline world, type of place...

I hope that is helpful to anyone who is going to be experiencing the same over the next month - but just a little reminder, there's so much pressure placed on our shoulders as parents and with Christmas ahead, a display of money isn't the answer, love and quality time is!

Love, Rey x


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