Friday, 30 November 2018


If there's one way to get into the festive spirit, it's by listening to Christmas songs, making a beautiful fresh wreath and eating mince pies! I made a fresh wreath last year, and I won't ever go back! I do love a tradition.

I went to Charlie's workshop today - you can see her gorgeous work here @theflowerfairies  (great if you're looking for a wedding florist!) I loved the concept of the workshop as it was only £55 (wait a minute) and part of that profit goes towards hampers that she makes for vunerable people in Oxfordshire, around Christmas time. A lot of people prefer to make their own wreaths, but for the sake of £55 having all the products you could need and more to choose from, and spend the morning with lots of other like minded people, you can't go wrong!

Products used: Oasis ring (already soaked, leave an oasis ring in a sink full of water, face down over night, so that it sinks!) String, Foliage, Greenery (christmas tree and juniper berry branches), Wire, Dried fruits and sparkly bits & Ribbon!

You start with stringing up your wreath so you can hang it and then you'll know where the top is! Loop it around the ring and simply put a knot in it. Then you want to start adding the greenery, we used Christmas tree branches for this (God, I'm so technical, sorry florists!) you want it to flow, so make sure you go round in one direction. There are three sides, big clippings go on the outside and you quite literally just trim the bottom of the pieces you're using and slot them in. Then you want little tiny bits for the inside and then you want medium size pieces for the top. Keep picking it up so you can see where you have gaps.

Then you want to bulk it out with foliage, I obviously chose lots of eucalyptus, olive sprays etc and this also helped mine look a bit wild, which is the look I was going for!

Then comes the fun part! Add in lots of "pretty stuff" this is where you can add in more flowers; I used wax flower and some fern leaf which was both metallic and sparkly! I also added in some pussy willow heads and all you do is push a piece of wire through the decorations, twizzle the wire together and slot it into the oasis (if you have space left!) 

Then you can add ribbons and feathers and whatever your heart desires! That's the great thing about wreaths, no two will look the same and you can literally add whatever you fancy! Here's mine finished below...

I hope you give it a go yourself and find this blog post some what helpful! If you want to make one at home you can buy most things off Amazon and at your local Florist!

Love, Rey x

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